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About European Union

Europe has power these days. Cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, and Brussels, are vying and competing to be the center of the young union and a modern European metropolis. They are significant culturally, architecturally, politically, fiscally, inspired by self-assurance and confidence.

Democracy suits EU because it is associated with the triumph of capitalism and because it involves less intrusion into their lives.

EU is healthier and advantageous for Europe, and a gain for the whole world. It solves several issues and creates a sense of bonding, protecting its vital interests, developing more effectively, and acquiring the habit of working together. It will be guided by a spirit of equality and fairness. It has thousands years of history and will bring improvements in the fields of health, education, and welfare. The single currency will do wonders to the trade.

EU provides a look at the deep values of a nation of cultural pride and tradition, perfect landscape, historical monuments, and architectural structures.

Core management tuition of the Masters, innovative specialization programs in Economics, Accountancy, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Logistics and Transport and IT, manage to gather the attention of students who acquire significant international exposure. Professors possess extensive experience, international outlook, and have sound knowledge of the market patterns.


Germany, officially called as the Federal Republic of Germany is located in western-central Europe. It is a federal parliamentary republic. Germany consists of 16 states and the capital is Berlin. Also Berlin is considered to be the largest City in Germany. Germany’s area is 3, 57,021 square kilometers. Its climate is temperate seasonal climate. Its population is nearly 80.3 millions.


France is considered one of the most beautiful and absorbing countries in the world, and is a country to be lived and experienced in all its glory. The French Riviera, Paris-the city of lights, the dazzle of Cannes and the charm of Lyon all are inviting enough to have a glimpse of the great culture, lifestyle and language.


The cost of living in Cyprus is reasonably low compared to studying in any major European city or in USA. Dining, transportation charges and entertainment expenses can be fairly kept low. Learning in an exciting atmosphere, there is great scope for experimentation and scholarship. Europe, Asia and Africa, all are close by and it is a place influenced by these three in a big way.


Located in Northern Europe, Denmark consists of and 443 named islands. Many of the larger islands are connected by bridges.

Denmark has a land area of 43,094 square kilometers. But this is not constant as the frequently erodes and adds material to the coastline. It shares a border of 68 kilometers with Germany.


Italy is known for volcanoes, leaning towers, World Heritage Sites, Espresso, oldest and prestigious universities, inventions and a legacy of the Roman civilization.

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