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The government announced its plans to grant green cards modifying scheme to put in place in 2008, which allowed non-EU nationals who fulfilled certain educational and work experience requirements to come here to find work. There are plans to allow them to stay an additional three years to find work.

It needs highly skilled, well educated, and experienced people who are specialists. Such persons will be given green cards. To obtain a green card, applicants have to pay 6,100 kroner fee and total 100 points based on their education level and language skills. This will result in granting the right to spend three years in EU looking for work.

Getting used to the culture, transitioning into Danish social structure and easy integration can help the students in a big way. The Danish Green Card Association, comprising green card holders is set to play a dominating role in this.

The students need to have a specially formatted CV. A green card opens many doors and the government must support it.

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